Weird [EP]

by Sly Roosevelt

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Collection of songs that didn't really have a place on an album. Released at the Huntington Music and Arts Festival.


released September 29, 2012



all rights reserved


Sly Roosevelt Huntington, West Virginia

Sly Roosevelt is a four member Alt Rock band from Huntington, West Virginia. Often described vaguely as “experimental indie,” their music plays with elements from a number of genres: introspective singer-songwriter lyrics sung in an abrasive punk-like style, swelling guitar riffs, complex structures, catchy pop melodies, progressive drum kit work and dance breaks. ... more

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Track Name: Jack Grey
I saw a girl
At the super market
and I wanna eat her fruit
Yes I do!

And I saw a girl
at the coffee shop
and i wanna be that big old book in her hand
yes i do.

I saw a girl
standing in line
and i wanted to be her meal
i wanna be her home
i wanna be her bed
i wanna be her pillow where she lays her halo
Track Name: Tea Party
These ain't no tea party saucers
Delicate decorum and manners
And I bet you don't even like to drink tea
People who do are tree hugging faggots

You hate welfare
You hate medicare
Until you're on it.

Fiscally conservative
Forgot about military spending
Don't you know
It's a big part of it.

Dressed up
White make up
Replica revolvers
Red coats and wigs
I think of you as the...
Track Name: Pyramid Sandbox
Don't have a single thing
To say
A discourteous, selective mute
And if you
Have something to
Then speak up

We'll never, never
Get out of this place
With attitudes like that
And I can't even
Picture the pyramids

Drawn in the sand
And we
Could build a home
And you could be a pharaoh
And I'll be your priest

Unleash a swarm of plagues
And subjugate the peasant folk
With slight of hand
Mirrors and smoke

Oh these pagan ideas
Another victory like that
And we're done for
I don't have the dexterity
To be a god
Do you?

Let's ritualize ourselves
To ourselves
I am you and you are too...Too!
Track Name: Snake
I was a snake
Just the other day
I beheld the fairest creature
And I had to
Speak with her
I had to show her
My wonders
And I put death on the table

I was just trying to help her
With up keep of that
Damn garden
I was a snake
And I was tempted
By that girl
I knew I had to kill it
So I killed it
not with my fangs
but with my words